Covid Caution Not Fear

June 9th, 2020

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Covid Caution, Not Fear

Thanks to social media, everyone is now an “expert” on Covid-19. It can be hard to go out in public, because if you wear a mask, you are “panicking”. If you do not, you are selfish and lack compassion.
This crisis is unlike anything we have ever seen (unless you happen to be 108 and vividly recall the Spanish Flu as an infant). It can be disorienting. Being isolated for days at a time is hard. Not hugging Grandma or waving at her through the nursing home window for Mother’s Day is bittersweet.
Fortunately, cool heads can prevail. Social distancing is the new buzzword, and “contact tracing” is of value to tell us how the virus is progressing and with whom people have met.

To mask or not, that is the question. At our office, we have been “open” for some time as real estate was not excluded from doing so, if precautions could be guaranteed and taken. Our doors are locked, our open signs are on, and our doorbell rings. No one can just walk in anymore. They are free to call their agent or ring the doorbell. If they do wish to come in, we will be offering masks, asking them to use the hand wipes, keep six feet of separation, and have installed plexiglass dividers. We no long use ceramic coffee mugs in favor of throw away paper cups. We wipe everything down that has been touched, clean our floors regularly, and keep all our desks separated by at least six feet.

Will Real Estate Lead and the Economic Recovery

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When the door is locked, and we are simply in here catching up on paperwork or answering phones, we may or may not use masks. Our folks are mostly independent contractors, and the more you “direct and control” them the less they appear to be independent and the more they appear to be employees. So, we let them decide about the masks, but follow all the other protocols. Each of their workstations have separation from other desks and a plexiglass barrier should they invite guests (with masks) in to meet in person. We ensure doorknobs, security alarm pads, microwave buttons, etc. are wiped clean after each use.

At times we feel like we are in a fishbowl, with the town looking in and wondering why we have masks on in our own office behind closed doors, or why we do not have masks on! It is a lose-lose situation at times. But we have chosen to use masks at virtually every opportunity, especially when out in the public. When we show houses, we call the Seller’s agent to inquire about the seller’s requested protocols. We put on booties, put on gloves (the jury is still out on if those are effective), wear our masks, give our clients masks, wipe down keys, key boxes, and door handles, make sure our clients don’t touch anything, and ask that they limit the number of people who come to view the home.

We are careful, respectful, tolerant about those with differing beliefs, and, most importantly, put our clients and staff first. A lot of people want to get the economy going in full swing again, because the pain and suffering are real. A lot of people want us to stay at home until this nightmare is over or a vaccine is proven to be effective. It is annoying when others say people are panicking and living their lives in fear, when the truth is simple – we are trying to be cautious. Not fearful or in panic mode, but caution. We believe it is time to open those places that can do so safely, and can maintain some good, safe habits while serving the public. But it is the unknowns of Covid-19 that make us want to be cautious, for our families, friends, customers, and neighbors.

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