Well We had a blast playing dodge-ball and lived to tell about it! For our first year on the court at Silverton Dodge Ball we hung in there and won more than we lost! Dixon Bledsoe was on the court and so was Christian Reeder! They played hard! Chris Black tore up the court and… Read more

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Serving Where You Need! “Total openness to serving others is our hallmark, it alone is our title of honor!” Pope Francis We are located in the heart of Silverton but we serve a much broader base! We have agents specializing in many different areas of Western Oregon. Our skilled agents can search for homes and… Read more

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First Friday, Easter with the “BEST”! Bledsoe Santana Team’s Becky Detherage will be hosting a First Friday Event here at our office on Oak St and you won’t want to miss it. It will be April 7th from 6pm-8pm. So, you are going to want to put us on your First Friday route! There will be cup ‘o’ soup,  Easter… Read more

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It’s that Dodge Ball time of year again and for the first time ever BST Realty will be on the court! We are stretching those hammys and hoping all our training will pay off! Being the “BEST”, we are going out there to win! Or, stay alive till the end of the day! We are… Read more

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Silverton, like any small town, has it’s own DNA. It is as unique as the people who call it home and full of all the color and life that they bring to it. I know I am biased by my own love for this city, but I do believe in the magic of this place…. Read more

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Living Green It is St. Patrick’s Day, and I believe St. Patty himself would surely approve of the Great North West. We have enough evergreens and rolling green hills to provide all your eyes can take in. The air is fresh and clean because it’s green! These days there are a lot of ways to… Read more

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Day Light Savings is here and it’s time to Spring Forward! It is time for our evenings to be lit up and our days to be long. Today marks another beautiful season on the way. So if your vitamin D is low don’t give up hope….the sun is just around the corner! So don’t forget… Read more

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“Real” Estate Tips by Dixon To Inspect or Not To Inspect – That Is the Question. Actually, it shouldn’t be. Just get the inspection. There are a variety of inspections that take place in a real estate transaction. Pest and Dry Rot. Whole Home Inspection. Radon. Sewer Scope. Well flow test. Water Quality Test. Septic… Read more

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Find your next home HERE with our Quick Search “Real” Estate Tips With Dixon! We were pleased to be the top selling office in Silverton for January 2017, according to the Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service statistics, and the number 5 top-selling office for Area 90, which consists of Marion County sales excluding Salem. BST… Read more

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My Willamette Valley- Those who have lived or spent much time in the Willamette Valley know the secret. This just may be some of the most alluringly beautiful landscape in the country. From the patchwork hills of the farm country to the deep green forest; from the twinkling lights and hustle bustle of Portland to… Read more

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