The “Covid” Community

April 14th, 2020

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The Covid Community. There are not a lot of kind things, if any, to say about the coronavirus. Covid-19 is a killer to some, and a risk to almost all, but there are good things coming out of this pandemic.

Welcome, “Covid Community”; springing up rather quickly and organically. One man in Silverton heard about the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for front-line healthcare workers. He designed and printed hundreds of N-95 type protective masks on his 3-D printer and sent them out everywhere.

The Covid Community includes another man who came up with a plan – getting meals, treats, and thank-you’s out to essential workers – those who have to work during this crisis so that others can stay in place. Except his idea was even better – He mobilized a community in fund-raising to buy the meals and treats and deliver them to places and people like nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, food banks, homeless shelters and mail carriers. He used local bakeries and restaurants and grocery stores to sell him the goods and gift cards. They get revenue, essential workers get meals and treats, and the Covid Community grows stronger, in a good way!

The Covid Community is comprised of neighbors who haven’t spoken in years, except perhaps for a harried wave as they drive the kids to school or put out recycling. Now they talk. Now they smile, and now they find commonality. 

Covid Community people are staying home, playing board games with their kids, and watching classic movies because of the endearing values they have taught millions over the years. They wash their hands more and are more conscientious than ever regarding the well-being of their loved one in assisted living or a stranger in the produce department at the local grocery. 

This Covid Community is kinder, gentler, and more forgiving of human nuances and frailties. For as a community, it recognizes a few truths. We have never had anything like this in our lives, and no one knows all the answers.

Most everyone is trying, with no history to lean on and learn from. So perhaps we can judge less, empathize more, and practice tolerance. We are all new at this and working our way through it. Patience in the Covid Community, now more than ever.

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